Commodity Robot Scam

Commodity Robot Scam – Is it a scam? Should you trust it?

Hi, my name is George and I have been trading for about 35 years. Believe me, I have seen it all – yes, absolutely all. Of course I have tried several “magic” products in the past but believe me, most of them are just BS, and every time I hear that a new Robot or product will be launched, I just wait… try its demo and then decide. So here are my thoughts about this new Commodity Robot

When it comes to investments and stocks management, I’m a sort of purist. So when a friend told me about Commodity Robot – a software product to make money off commodities – I was nothing but suspicious. Haven’t we seen it all before? I mean multi-million investment fraud by William Graulich of iVest International Holdings isn’t done and dusted in the history books yet. It happened only a few years ago.

The economy is bad, people desperately want money; it’s a perfect recipe for making some quick bucks. To be honest, it all sounded like nothing more than a Commodity Robot Scam. When I say ‘sounded,’ I don’t mean that I’m in complete awe of it now. It’s just that I’m convinced to a certain extent. And how? By making some money with it… actually a little more than some! It has got me interested… and a bit excited too!

At its core, Commodity Robot is a computer software program that uses a secret algorithm for correctly predicting the market prices of commodities. The result – you can make a lot of money on buy/sell trades by taking a hint from its predictions. What’s even better is that it has the ability to put this exercise on autopilot mode.

At the risk of sounding like one of them, I must say – it’s actually a system where you put in money and you get much more out, based on what commodity you are trading. There are separate modules available for gold, silver, palladium, oil, copper, coffee and bitcoins.

Is Commodity Robot a Scam?

That it is not. Having used it first hand, I can say with a good amount of confidence that there’s no such thing as a Commodity Robot Scam. I’ve been duped before, but this looks nothing like it. Actually, it is quite similar to Forex EA or Forex Robots that are used to make money by trading currencies.

The amount of profit you can generate through Commodity Robot depends entirely on an algorithm that analyses market conditions and predicts price variations. It has been created and marketed by well-known names in the trading circles – Antony & Ronald (Developers) and Mike S & Steve H (Marketers).

I’ll definitely continue using it and get back to you with more. No harm in you giving it a shot too! You’ll only gain, as there’s nothing to lose with this one.



Access to the Official Commodity Robot site HERE

23 Responses to Commodity Robot Scam

  1. Annie Marie Peters says:

    Thanks for sharing your expertise. Admittedly, I was skeptical about Commodity Robot at first, but it actually is a great tool. I agree with you, George. There is money to made using it.

  2. Eramass says:

    I never thought that, this commodity robot is a scam, but while going through this article, its just clicked like, ‘is this possible?’. I believe anyone who get to know about this commodity robot will think same as me.

    My answer at the end was, yeah, its possible. If a track on every forex trading can predict the commodity market, why can’t a well designed algorithm do that.

  3. Johnathan says:

    With so many queries in my mind, I was not really sure about Commodity Robot. Suspected it to be a scam, however this remedial piece of information has now given me assurance to give this product a try!

  4. Eramas says:

    I never thought that, this commodity robot is a scam, but while going through this article, its just clicked like, ‘is this possible?’.I believe anyone who get to know about this commodity robot will think same as me.

    Yeah, this is not surely a scam, but this possible?

    My answer at the end was, yeah, its possible. If a track on every forex trading can predict the commodity market, why can’t a well designed algorithm do that.

  5. James Anderson says:

    Can anyone over here explain how this prediction task of commodity robots are set?

    Usually a human mind can predict something through experience or through relevant changes or symptoms, but how these robots believe to be predict over the market?

    Can any experts assist me to tackle this.

  6. Jemima Long says:

    I saw an advertisement online of a commodity robot system and since then I was thinking about buying one. It appeared to be a good idea of investing money in this software.

    But I had some misconceptions that stopped me from taking my buying decision. Now after reading all the information submitted over this website about Commodity Robot being a scam or not? I am more positive about buying the Commodity Robot Software for trading.

  7. Muaz Ahamed says:

    As I am a person who was interested heavily on forex trading and commodity market, for a long period I had the worry to understand the fluctuations over commodities. But still interesting.

    In reality I have faced many who had earned fatty profits and people or the same people incur heavy losses at times. Mostly the unpleasant situations like losses seems to be high. Even I had been.

    So what about these commodity robots. we know when prices drops and we know when prices arise. If I am not mistaken, there won’t be no losses at all when using commodity robots.

  8. mikes_2007 says:

    I tried it and it works! i was one of the first betatesters. 7 profit modules all summarize profits

  9. commodit commodit says:

    Thank you all for your comments

  10. Juan Domingo says:

    My little contribution is for those that have never trade in commodity market you can easily go to

  11. Viajy Sharma says:

    Yes I would second this recommendation that Commodity Robot Software is a trustworthy product by reliable people behind it. There is surely no reality in the rumors of it being a scam. It is not among the products that make false promises for unbelievable profits but is genuine money making thing.

  12. Mark Binoy says:

    George, all these details are quite informative and reveal so much this software program. After going through your useful explanation, I am quite interested in trying this product and would grab one for my trading needs soon.

  13. Sheron says:

    Never seen such a professional site for an automated commodity driven. That shows the factuality and the reality of commodity robots.

    And how can contact the designers? Can anyone assist me?

  14. Dhayii Pert says:

    35 years of experience at forex trading is not a simple thing. And the effort out of that is much worth-full. So never believe that such a person wants to make his head in to a scam. Commodity Robots – What I see is professionalism.

  15. Muaz Ahamed says:

    Heart beats seem rising. Just a day ahead for the grand launch of Commodity Robot. So I am shifting to the official site:

  16. Emmy Watson says:

    One more basic doubt. There has a considerable impact on commodity market by illegal trade, for example illegal gold trading effects actual gold transaction by a country, but it won’t appear in the official records. So as far as i know commodity robot gonna use official records. So won’t that be sensible for the impact through illegal trade.

    I would like to get an answer, since trading through commodity robot is legal, but will it be able to use records of illegal trade take place around the world?

  17. Ruwan Chen says:

    Interesting. an auto pilot to help in trade. So it’s time for the pension for the master minds from taking risk. Commodity robots. An awesome creation.

  18. Jalon Eli says:

    I wish I would have known about commodity robot before and I could have saved my bank balance that I lost with other scams.

  19. Julie Ciesta says:

    Real-time monitoring of market round the clock along with positioning of various money making strategies through trade! Trustworthy trading software – Commodity Robot!

  20. Reveley says:

    Set of facts and figures listed on this website speaks for authenticity of the Commodity Trading Software Program.

  21. Imran Nazeer says:

    Are these commodity robots linked with the share markets and the central banks of every states?

  22. Eramass says:

    Emmy watson above, illegal trades aren’t impact the global rate fluctuations unless it’ss anywhere counted at an official network. So illegal trade, although it’s not counted through commodity robots, it still don’t affect the fluctuation related prediction of commodity robot.

  23. Muaz Ahamed says:

    Imran above, yes it’s probably have something to link with local and international share markets and central banks which some how the official place for rate fluctuation related discussions and out comes.

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